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So what's with the platypus?

He doesn't do much.

What's the difference between the Perry filter and the Agent P filter?

Let's start with what isn't different: All Perry posts, unless otherwise specified, are video. He will very occasionally text.

On the Perry filter, Perry looks like a normal pet platypus: dumb, lazy, probably drooling. Perry-filter posts and comments are unlocked and traceable to the Flynn/Fletcher household IP. Whether they are or not, Perry posts will appear to be accidental video.

The Agent P filter is locked, unhackable, untraceable, and perma-IP scrambled. Perry will occasionally text on the Agent P filter, if there's a more complex point he needs to get across.

With very few exceptions, the two filters are mutually exclusive. Anyone on the Perry Filter will be unable to see Agent P filter posts and vice versa.

So, what are those exceptions?

The broadest exception is that very occasionally, Perry will make a truly accidental post on the Perry filter. Anyone can see these posts, including people on the Agent P filter. In these cases, characters are welcome to say, "Wow. TWO green platypode!"

Otherwise, the following people are aware of Perry's dual identity and can see all his posts:
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
Buffy Summers
Montgomery Scott (inactive)
Winry Rockbell (inactive)

I saw an accidental Perry post! Now I know his secret identity, right?
Please check with me OOC first.

So what's Perry saying to my character, anyway?

Perry is saying "chrrrrrrr." Also, he's probably drooling on something.

Agent P is much more expressive and communicative, however, without text, the only expression he can really communicate is what you see in his icon. Comments in brackets [like so] are thoughts, and not meant to be visible to other characters.

The only person who "speaks Perry" is Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. Feel free to hire her as a translator.

But what's the difference?!?!
The hat.

Aren't you a little green and furry to be a secret agent?
Yes. Yes, I am.


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